Hi Everyone,

The summer months are almost over and we wanted to update you with all the exciting things we’ve been doing this year. Although many of our friends keep in touch with us on Facebook, there are many other things we don’t share on there. Over the last 7 months, we have continued to set our focus on the things that God has called to do, that are making a difference in peoples lives. Even though our plans don’t always excel as fast as we would like, we are confident in His promises and continue to be faithful to move forward. We are reminded and comforted from the scripture from Habakkuk 2:3 that says, “For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; for it will certainly come, it will not delay.” I hope that this report will encourage you as well to pursue all the things God is calling each of you to do.



Since the early 80’s we have traveled many, many miles throughout the US and in other countries. From those first beginnings over 35 years ago, we have never lost the passion and enthusiasm to hit the road, whether it is a short weekend of engagements or an extended ministry trip. Since Debi and I were first married back in 1980, we have always felt called to travel and minister wherever God may lead us. In our early years traveling with small children, we would spend many weeks away from our home traveling as far as the west coast, and making multiple trips up the east coast ministering in Christian coffee houses, churches, and Teen Challenge Centers. After spending over two years working on staff as Youth Pastors in the late 80’s, we began another long phase of traveling in the early 90’s, which included multiple mission trips over to the UK with our entire family. Though their were other seasons through the years when we were off the road serving our home church, or starting a mission school, we never stopped pursuing opportunities to go out and share our ministry. One of our favorite scriptures that explains this deep calling within us from Luke 24:32, says, “They said to one another, “Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us ON THE ROAD, while He was explaining the Scriptures to us?” We still travel out consistently, which comes in busy spurts and then slows down for a while, but we are believing God to open brand new doors in the coming days. If you think your home church would like to invite us to come and minister, please let us know, we still have many dates available in the fall months.   



In the fall of 2014, we began a new outreach to our surrounding area called, “The Waiting Room”. The vision that God laid on our hearts was to open the doors of our ministry facility, and invite people who want to break away from their busy lives, and just come to a place where they can just chill in God’s presence. In the desperate times that we are living in, people’s lives can get so clogged up with so many distracting things that can steal the passion and excitement of serving Jesus. Even the Psalmist David cried out in Psalm 63: 1 to say, “O God, You are my God; I shall seek You earnestly; My soul thirsts for You, my flesh yearns for You, In a dry and weary land where there is no water.” At The Waiting Room, we purpose to provide an atmosphere with worship, soaking, and prayer, where those who are tired and weary, parched and thirsty, can find a place of refuge away from all their life situations and circumstances that have weakened and made them ineffective as Christians. Over the last 20 months, we have been able to minister to so many people who have come to our gatherings. Some have only visited us one time, but others continue to come back to drink and participate each time we meet. The Waiting Room has definitely become a refuge place where God refreshes the weary and faint hearted, feeds the hungry and thirsty, and revives the dying. One of the cool things about our location, is that we are located just a few miles from the Fort Bragg training grounds, which is positioned directly in the middle of five counties. Presently, we meet every other week on a Friday evening, but as the Lord leads, we are making plans to gather every weekend.



Several years ago, the Lord led us to began producing Kids TV shows and gave us a vision to establish a family TV network called, “Come As A Child Family Network”. Our vision is to produce and provide exciting TV shows that will teach and disciple children, but also capture the hearts of all ages. Since our first pilot show was introduced over three years ago called, “Time For The Word”, we have also produced two other short kids shows in a series called, “God Is Bigger”. One of them is about The Earth & The Sun, and the other one is about The Wonders of Snow. We are presently in production of the second “Time For The Word” show, which will hopefully be available by the fall. Debi has also written and illustrated a children’s book called, “My Summer Friend”, which she hopes to have published very soon. We are praying that God will divinely connect us with the right (Godly) business people who will join with this vision to see these kids videos, and Debi’s children’s book, marketed effectively. We would appreciate you joining us in prayer for God’s clear direction in the coming days for “Come As A Child Family Network” kids videos, and “Come As A Child Creations”, which is Debi’s art products and children’s books.  



We appreciate all those who have partnered with us over the years and helped us financially to purchase the many things we have needed for our ministry. We only ask that you pray and respond to this list of needs as the Lord leads you. Thank You!

(1) Replacing our old PA Speakers with a NEW Updated EV Speaker PA System

Because our traveling ministry is our first priority, we are posting this need as the most important one right now. Our present PA speakers that we currently use on the road are over 16 years old and have been repaired many times. We need to replace them with a newer and smaller (less bulky) speaker system that has a higher quality sound. Our existing (larger) JBL EON speakers will become the main PA speakers at our Waiting Room gathering and won’t have to be used on the road anymore. Because of the business connections we have with a large audio company, we can purchase all the items we need for a discounted price of $1500.00, which would normally sell for over $1800.00We hope to purchase this new EV Speaker PA system by the end of September.

(2) Replacing our (high mileage) 2002 full-size Ford Van with a NEW Traveling Vehicle

For some time now we have been praying about a new traveling vehicle that would not only transport us and our equipment to our ministry engagements, but would also be a home on wheels. There are many times when we are on extended trips, that we need a traveling vehicle that we can park and stay in on our off nights. It would also make it so much more convenient to pull up to a church, ministry venue, unload, and then just park/sleep there for the night. The small motor home vehicle we have been researching the most, and will meet all our ministry and personal needs, is called a Dodge Sprinter and has a Mercedes diesel engine. Presently, we are looking at several used Winnebago models that are built on the Dodge Sprinter frames, which include the diesel engine. (Rated at 18 to 21 MPG) Please be in prayer with us for this need to be provided debt free.

(3) NEW Worship Album Recording

Over the last few years, I have written many new worship songs that people have inquired about. Unfortunately, I have not had an opportunity or the resources to record these songs, or to make them available on a professional recording. Besides a few home studio/church recordings I have made available as digital downloads, it has been over eight years since I have been able to go into a studio and capture all my new songs in a Live worship recording. In the coming months, we are trusting God to provide all the necessary funds to start planning a new album recording. We would ask each of you to pray with us for this important need to be met.

(4) NEW Partners/Monthly Supporters

In the almost 35 years we have been in full-time ministry, we have had multiple seasons of people and churches, who made commitments to support and fund our ministry. Because our traveling worship/speaking ministry does not cover all the expenses to maintain our ministry home base and all the projects we are currently involved with, we need a base of financial support from those who believe in our vision, and want to help us consistently. We are asking God to raise up new people who will join with us and make commitments to help support us every month.  



If you would like to help with any of these important needs, specifically the "NEW EV Speaker PA System Project", please mail your gifts to:  

D&D Ministries

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If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out our website at www.dondebigatlyn.com, there is more information available about our ministry, including worship music, worship and teaching videos, and much, much more.    



We want to thank everyone again, who has in some way, supported our ministry either with financial gifts, or has sent encouraging words to us. We are so blessed to have many friends that we’ve connected with through the years, who still continue to support and follow our ministry journeys. We don't take it lightly and we appreciate each of you who have helped us fulfill all that God has called us to do, thank you! 

Love & blessings, 

Don & Debi Gatlyn




Dear Friends,

The New Year is upon us and we are filled with great expectation of all the new exciting ventures for 2014. Of course, in God, the possibilities are endless and we believe that now is the time and season to see the fulfillment of those things that He has spoken over us for years and years. We want to update all of you and introduce you to some really cool things we have been working on in this last year.

When The Lord made it clear that we were to lay down our mission school and a community food outreach ministry a few years back and pursue a totally different direction, we both thought the transition would occur swiftly. We honestly thought that things would start moving and we would dive into this new vision just as we had done in the past. Over our last thirty-two years of being involved in full-time ministry, we have transitioned numerous times. Usually when change would come our way, we would step out in obedience and then suddenly, we would be thrust forward and movement would occur. This new transition we’ve been in, has at times puzzled us and even frustrated us. Although, we are still trying to find a buyer for our property, we made a decision in 2013 to press ahead in spite of all our present circumstances.

Habakkuk 2:3 

“For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay." 

When The Lord spoke to us a few years ago about pioneering our own Family TV Network, we had many confirmations that this was His direction for us to pursue. It had been over thirty years since either of us had had any involvement in TV production from our days working in Christian television in Charlotte, NC with Jim and Tammy Bakker. Although I still have many friends who work in TV broadcasting, Christian and secular, we had totally been out of the loop with doing TV production. This was going to be a Huge learning process for us all over again. And to top it off, a lot of things have drastically changed in the way TV is produced now.

Exodus 4:2

"The Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?” And he said, “ A staff.”

At the beginning of this last year, we felt that we were to start with the tools we already had, which consisted of one Panasonic High Definition camera and a professional lighting kit with four TV lights. We had also been blessed with State of the Art Mac computers and the software needed to edit the shows. Although we had hopes to sell our facility, pay off all our debts, and build or buy a smaller facility to make into a TV studio, we felt that God was testing us to see if we would be faithful to begin with what we already had. Sometimes the plans we make, aren't always God's perfect plan. ;)

Over the last few years, we have been preparing for this vision and Debi has been making her own puppets, and busily writing scripts for many family shows she has ideas for. One of the shows called, “Time For The Word”, was geared to reach kids, 3 to 7 years, and would make Bible Scriptures fun and exciting. The cast included a small Scottie dog puppet, a Huge Lion puppet, and Debi as the main talent. It would need to be shot in front of a green screen so that all the background could be filled with colorful animation, etc. The concept of this show would be as though Debi and her puppets were being inserted into a cartoon. 

We started preparing for this show in early spring of 2013 and built a small green screen and purchased a few more low budget lights off an Internet site. Over the weeks that followed, Debi and I realized that we had so much to learn, or re-learn about doing TV production. This was going to be an amazing accomplishment that was set before us to complete, and we only had two people to fulfill this task.


Proverbs 24:27

“Prepare your work outside and make it ready for yourself in the field; Afterwards, then, build your house.”

It was late July before we actually finished working on our first Kids Pilot show and it had taken over 5 months to produce this simple, but very complex show. As difficult as it was to plan every camera shot, light the green screen and talent separately, and make sure the audio was recorded correctly, the next part of putting it all together, would be even more challenging. After spending multiple days getting all the camera shots completed with music, dialogue, and other miscellaneous items, we felt like we had all the video footage needed to put together a Pilot show. This show would be our first beginnings and would be something to present to churches, Christian business people, and those who want to help support the vision. It would also give everyone an idea of the kind of high quality family shows we could produce in the future.  

In the following months, the process begin with actually editing together a watchable product. Because Debi wrote the script, made the puppets, and had all the ideas for the show, she felt like the Lord was calling her to learn the video editing software and put the show together. This task wasn't an easy thing for her as she spent hours and hours watching on-line tutorials and going back and forth with phone calls and texts with our son, Samuel, who actually has his own video editing business. The next few months were very challenging for Debi as she would experience many difficulties, and extremely long working days just trying to understand how to understand all the video editing software programs. it also didn't help matters when she would spend an entire day editing and suddenly loose all her work. When all was said and done, what she has put together, with her lack of expertise and knowledge, is nothing short of a miracle of God, and she will testify to that. To God be the Glory!

Zachariah 4:10a

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin.”

As you view our Pilot show, we would ask each of you to please pray for us that we will know what our next step is. We are believing God for multiple doors of opportunity to open for us to share our vision for “Come As A Child TV”, but also to see this show aired in different venues, Christian and secular. We are also aware, that for us to produce more quality family shows in the future, we must have more people helping us and the finances to pay for more TV equipment, and for skilled camera operators, directors, and video editors. What took two of us months and months to produce a nine minute pilot show, can be accomplished much faster with the right professional people and the perfect studio environment. We know we cannot do this task effectively by ourselves and we don’t intend to. We’re believing God to send us a team of visionaries who are writers, producers, etc., who have a heart for the Creative Arts and Media Evangelism. We may be starting with only a nine-minute show, but we believe that as we step out and knock on doors, God will grant us favor and this vision for “Come As A Child TV” will be made a possibility as we move forward in faith.  

As we enter into this new year of 2014, we have BIG dreams for many new things to happen. For us to continue to do what we are doing full-time without working other jobs, we will definitely need others to come along side of us to help support us financially. Because of the transition we have been in for the last few years, from a Mission School to producing TV, our support base has dropped to only a few faithful individuals and a couple of churches, which has caused us to fully rely on the Lord for miracle offerings and financial gifts. Although we still travel occasionally out of State ministering in various churches up and down the East coast, the offerings we receive are not enough to maintain our home base expenses every month. We are believing God to raise up many new supporters who will join us to help fulfill all that we feel called to do in 2014. We want to thank everyone who has in anyway, supported us over this last year and through the years, we don’t take your gifts lightly. God Bless you and your families abundantly.

Working together for Him,

Don & Debi Gatlyn


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